Recent Calls
Sun. Aug 23rd 2020
This evening the Roosevelt Fire District was dispatched to an Automatic Alarm of Fire at the Culinary Institute of America Rosenthal Hall (Dorm C), with 3 engines and the Ladder Truck. Upon units resp...
Mon. Aug 17th 2020
Members of the Roosevelt Fire District assisted at the scene of a fatal bicyclist accident on Route 9 in Hyde Park last night. Details are still being investigated as to what happened, by local law e...
Fri. Jun 26th 2020
Today at approximately 0528 hrs, the Roosevelt Fire District was dispatched to a reported structure fire at 9 Windmill Road in the Greenfields Development off Cream Street. At 0531 hrs., Chief Lew Da...
Tue. May 19th 2020
Roosevelt Ladder 63-45 and Engine 63-12 relocated to City of Poughkeepsie Station #2 at 505 Main Street over night while they operated at a 3 Alarm fire in multiple buildings on Duane Street on the Ci...
Thu. Mar 7th 2019
Roosevelt firefighters, along with 1 Engine from Pleasant Valley FD were dispatched this morning to a report of a Automatic Fire Alarm at 501 Salt Point Road. Within a couple minutes of being dispatc...
News Headlines
Sun. Jan 17th 2021
The Roosevelt Fire District Rescue Squad is in need of more members.We are wishing everyone a happy & healthy new year!Are you at least 16 years of age? Are you interested in the medical field? Ha...
Sat. Jan 16th 2021
Engine Company #3 and the Rescue Squad recently held their yearly election of officers, the results were as follows;Engine Company #3Captain - Kyle Humenick1st Lt. - Stan Ptasienski2nd Lt. - Sal DiPre...
Thu. Jan 14th 2021
Roosevelt Engine Company #3 and the Rescue Squad recorded the following numbers for response in 2020;Rescue Squad was dispatch to 1641 calls.Engine Company was dispatched to 292 calls.Thanks to the ta...
Mon. Jan 11th 2021
At about 7pm this date, West Clinton FD with automatic mutual of Roosevelt FD 63-11 & 63-51 were dispatched to a report of a house fire at 563 North Quaker Lane. Upon initial arrival of West Clin...
Mon. Jan 4th 2021
The following people were elected to positions in the District & Department for 2021.Chief - Lew Darrow1st Asst. Chief - Jeff Scala2nd Asst. Chief - Ray Stretz3rd Asst. Chief - Ralph Ciampaglione ...
1955 Engine 3 - Retired
1955 Ford
750 GPM Front Mount Pump
750 Water Tank
1962 Ambulance - Retired
1962 Cadillac
1962 Ladder 63-45 - Retired
1962 Ford/Seagrave
75 Ft. Mid-Ship Aerial Ladder
Various Forcible Entry Tools
Various Ventilation Tools and Saws
Several Hundered Feet of Ground Ladders

This truck served the Arlington Fire District from 1962 till they Retired it and Roosevelt was donated it in 1997.
1969 Engine 4 - Retired
1969 Ford/Sanford
This vehicle served the district from 1969 till it's retirement in 1996.

1000 GPM Pump
1000 Gallon Water Tank
3000 Feet of 5 LDH
1972 Ladder Truck - Retired
1972 American LaFrance
1973 Ambulance - Retired
1973 Cadillac
1981 Ambulance - Retired
1981 Ford - Yankee Coach
1981 Utility 63-61 - Retired
1981 Dodge Pick-Up
This vehicle was built by the membership of the district.

It originally was stationed at Roosevelt Station #3 til the new Station #2 was opened up in 2000 at which time the utility was moved to Station #2 where it was retired in 2006 after a newer utility was purchased.

1981 Dodge Pick-Up
360 CID V-8 - Hemi
Step-Side body
150 Gallon water tank
250 GPM pump
1984 Engine 63-14 -Retired
1984 Ford/E-One
1000 GPM Pump
1000 Gallon Water Tank
3000 Ft. of 5 inch LDH Supply Hose
4 - Scott NXG Air Packs
1988 Ladder 63-45
1988 E-One 110 Foot Rear Mount Ladder Truck
110 Foot Aerial
Forcible Entry Equip.
Ventilation Fans
6 - Scott NXG 4.5 Air Packs
1990 Ambulance 63-71 - Retired
1990 Ford/PL Custom Type I Ambulance
This 1990 BLS ambulance served the district till 2001 when it was replaced by a new PL Custom Type I ambulance
1996 Engine 63-14
1996 E-One Protector Class A Pumper
This engine is second out piece from this company to all automatic fire alarm calls and structural fire assignments in the district. This engine will run first out on all auto accident, car fires, brush fires & mutual aid with the 3000' of 5" LDH it carries.

Equipped with:
1500 GPM Pump
1000 Gallon Booster Tank
3000 Ft. of 5 inch Large Diameter Hose
5 - Scott NXG Air Packs
2001 Ambulance 63-71 - Retired
2001 Ford/P.L. Custom Type I Ambulance
BLS ambulance serving the district since 1955. Responds to all medical emergencies and reported fires within the district. Retired in 2018 when a new Ambulance was purchased.

Ferno Stretcher
EMS Supplies
2006 Chief's Car - Retired
2006 Ford Explorer
Command Center
Front Radio
Rear Radio
(1) Scott NXG Air Pack
EMS Crash Bag
Automatic Defibrillator
Laptop Computer
2016 Engine 63-13
2016 E-ONE Class "A" Pumper
This is the first out engine from this station for all structural assignments in the district.

More info coming soon
2018 Ambulance 63-71
2018 Ford / PL Custom
All Station #3 Apparatus
2009 Station #3 Group Shot at Old Station #3
Pictured from left to right are;

63-45 - A 1988 E-One 110 ft. Aerial Truck
63-14 - A 1984 E-One 1000 gpm, 1000 Gallons Water Class A Pumper
63-13 - A 1996 E-One 1000 gpm, 1000 Gallons Water Class A Pumper
63-71 - A 2001 Ford/PL Custom Type 1 Ambulance BLS
District Apparatus
2008 District Fleet
Vehicles from Left to Right;

63-1 Chief's Vehicle 2003 Ford Explorer
63-62 Brush Truck 2006 Ford F-350 (Sta. #2)
63-16 Engine 1979 Ford Young (Sta. #1)
63-15 Engine 1986 Ford/E-One (Sta.#2)
63-12 Engine 2006 E-One (Sta. #2)
63-45 Ladder 1988 E-One (Sta. #3)
63-51 Rescue 1996 E-One (Sta. #1)
63-13 Engine 1996 E-One (Sta. #3)
63-14 Engine 1984 E-One (Sta. #3)
63-11 Engine 1989 E-One (Sta. #1)
63-71 Ambulance 2001 Ford/PL Custom
63-98 Special Operations Vehicle with Pace Trailer

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