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Sun. Aug 23rd 2020
This evening the Roosevelt Fire District was dispatched to an Automatic Alarm of Fire at the Culinary Institute of America Rosenthal Hall (Dorm C), with 3 engines and the Ladder Truck. Upon units resp...
Mon. Aug 17th 2020
Members of the Roosevelt Fire District assisted at the scene of a fatal bicyclist accident on Route 9 in Hyde Park last night. Details are still being investigated as to what happened, by local law e...
Fri. Jun 26th 2020
Today at approximately 0528 hrs, the Roosevelt Fire District was dispatched to a reported structure fire at 9 Windmill Road in the Greenfields Development off Cream Street. At 0531 hrs., Chief Lew Da...
Tue. May 19th 2020
Roosevelt Ladder 63-45 and Engine 63-12 relocated to City of Poughkeepsie Station #2 at 505 Main Street over night while they operated at a 3 Alarm fire in multiple buildings on Duane Street on the Ci...
Thu. Mar 7th 2019
Roosevelt firefighters, along with 1 Engine from Pleasant Valley FD were dispatched this morning to a report of a Automatic Fire Alarm at 501 Salt Point Road. Within a couple minutes of being dispatc...
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Tue. Sep 29th 2020
The members of Roosevelt Fire District Engine Company #3 are always working to stay on top of the needs of their job by training as much as we can. On this Monday night, September 28, 2020 members of...
Sun. Sep 13th 2020
In memory of all 9-11 victims, Roosevelt Fire District Engine Company #3 is lighting up in Blue...
Sun. Jul 5th 2020
It is with deep regret and sorrow that we announce the passing of past Captain Kenneth Witter of the Engine Company. Ken was a very community minded person, volunteering for the fire company, giving ...
Sat. Jul 4th 2020
We wish everyone a Happy and Healthy 4th of July.Be Safe
Sun. Jun 21st 2020
The membership of Roosevelt Engine Company #3, want to wish all our hard working Father's a Happy Fathers Day. Today is your day take it easy.
Call History
Odor of Gas in Vacant House
Mon. Sep 17th 2012

DC911 dispatched a 1st alarm for a odor of gas in the structure at a vacant house off Cream Street earlier today. The apparatus dispatched to the scene were 63-11, 12, 13 & 15, 63-71, 63-51, Mutual Aid from Fairview FD with 41-45 and Mobile Life Support EMS. On arrival of apparatus and investigation of the call they found a faint odor on the B/C side of the house. Closer investigation initially revealed what may be a gas line that was disconnected from the incoming service, but later found that to be a vent line. Caller reported hearing a hissing sound in the basement around the furnace and there was a cut gas line found causing the gas to leak into the structure.

The residence was checked for LEL with very small levels found in the structure, ventilation was set-up to clear any residual from the odor from the structure. The equipment on scene was released with the exception of 63-12 and they secured the house after ventilation was completed.

Town of Hyde Park Police assisted on scene and took a report of the findings. The home is in a development of abandoned homes where the developer defaulted on the project and left the homes built vacant and property in legal battles. The homes have been vandalized and stripped of various items through the years since.

186 entries in the Call History

186 entries in the Call History

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